Signal and data line Protection

Transient overvoltages can be destructive to LAN networks, data ports, CATV, single or multi-pair signal lines that connect process control, telemetry, PLC, telecommunication and information technology systems. LEPS has a complete range of protectors to provide effective protection for each of these applications.

Application / Description
DPP Data Port Protector Protects PCs and other communication equipment terminating on DB-9, DB-15, DB-25, M/34 and RJ21X connectors
KDP Krone LSA- Plus Protector Provides ultimate assurance of system reliability for telecom and other signalling equipment which terminated on KRONE LSA-PLUS disconnect block
KLP Krone LSA- Plus Protector Provides low cost yet effective protection for telecom equipment which terminated on KRONE LSA-PLUS disconnect block
KMP Krone Module Protector KMP series of five point protector are specially designed to provide ultimate assurance of system reliability for telecom switching and transmission equipment and other signalling equipment connected at the MDF using KRONE LSA-PLUS disconnect block
KTP Krone Thyristor Protector KTP series is an innovative and compact thyristor based protection module which offers economic protection for different kinds of signal or telecom lines terminated on KRONE LSA-PLUS disconnect block
LCP Load Cell & RTD Protector

Specially design to protect load cells, weighbridge, 3 and 4 wire RTD sensors, strain gauge sensors, and the measuring instrument of the weighbridge against surges and transients on system cabling
LPP LAN Port Protector Protects sensitive computer networks like router, hubs, switches, PC workstations using 10/100/1000 BaseT, CCDI, ATM155 against lightning induced surges, AC power interference and ground loop energies
TCP Twisted pair and Coaxial line Protector Offers cost-effective protection for both twisted pair signal line and coaxial LAN/video line in a single protector
TLP Telecom Line Protector Provides superior lightning and surge protection for telecommunication lines like PSTN, ISDN, DDN and DSL using twisted pair
TPP Twisted Pair Protector Protects electronic equipment and systems against induced surges and transients on signal/data or even low power DC/AC lines
TSP Transmitter Protector Protects field-mounted process transmitters against surges and transients induced onto the unit from field cabling