Exothermic Welding Material

A brief introduction of exothermic welding

Sunlight Weld Exothermic Welding is asimple, efficient, high quality metal connection method, Exothermic welding by alumino-thermic reaction generated by high temperature to make metal molten completely, to achieve high quality welding effect. This reaction isconducted in the graphite mould of high temperature resistance, normally a graphite could be used for 70points. Exothermic reaction process takes few seconds only.

Reaction Formula:

Sunlight Weld exothermic welding product was certified by UL, RoHS, CE and compliance with IEEE Std.80, UL467 and IEEE837. It has the national invention patent ZL200410021807X.SunlightWeld has stable ignition point, good conductivity and corrosion protectionand excelllent tensile strength. After improved process, the connector is morebright and clean.

Product Features:

  1. Safe andeasy to operate.
  2. No external power or heat source required,convenient to carry.
  3. High puritycopper connector, corrsion protected.
  4. Connected inmetallic bond style, fasten and tough.
  5. The current-carrying ability of the connector is better than the conductor.
  6. Widely application between copper and copper, copper and steel and cast or platedsteel tape.
  7. Non-degeneratedsuffering from several surge strike.

Product application:

  1. Horizontal connection of the grounding grid.
  2. The connection between cathodic protection cable and oil orgas pipeline.
  3. Connection between grounding cable and steel rail.
  4. Cables and rebars.
  5. Leading wires and copper lugs.
  6. Other electrical connections.

Operation Instruction


  1. Before welding, check the mold clamp and adjust properly to make sure itclose tightly.
  2. Don't observe the welding process, it will hurt your eyes.
  3. Don't touch the the conductor and the joint after welding to avoid empyrosis.
  4. Keep the weld metal in a dry place, don't operate when blowing.

Connector style catalog

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