Lightning must be kept away from tower!

EvoDis® Lightning Prevention System

Lightning Prevention Principle

The point where the lightning strikes depends on which of the positively charged streamers ascending from the ground objects catches the oppositely charged streamers descending from the cloud. Lightning Prevention Principle aims to avoid an upward streamer development and let lightning strike to any other place.

Instead of accumulating the charges on a single point and emitting them to the cloud in the form of streamers, thousands of tiny sharp points dissipate the charges and keep the surrounding electric field strength below the threshold level. This process prevents the development of streamers towards the cloud and blocks the formation of a channel in which the lightning current goes through.

Since that charge dissipation process occurs independently of the polarity of the charges in the environment, this solution works for both negative and positive types of lightning strike perfectly.

EvoDis® Lightning Prevention System

EvoDis® Lightning Prevention System is the first and only product that operates with the principle of preventing direct lightning strikes to metal structures. Unlike the typical lightning arrester solutions such as E.S.E.s, Franklin rods, Faraday cages, etc., EvoDis® Lightning Prevention System makes the protected structure invisible to lightning and create a lightning-free zone.

Research & Development and Test Stages

EvoDis® is developed through R&D studies of MTO. The research phase of the product is supported by various science and technology institutions.

EvoDis® Lightning Prevention System was put on a series of tests at the Istanbul Technical University High Voltage Laboratory and completed the process with 100% success. Following the laboratory test process, EvoDis® installed on towers of all GSM operators for pilot applications and these outdoor field tests were monitored and tracked by devices called lightning detectors. EvoDis® Lightning Prevention System, once again, had 100% success on the sites which were prone to lightning before EvoDis® applications.

EvoDis® Applications

EvoDis® Lightning Prevention System is preferred as the primary lightning protection solution by many telecommunication operators and tower manufacturers around the world. With the 100% proven success of EvoDis® System, end users replace their oldfashion lightning protection systems with this reliable prevention solution to make their towers invisible to lightning strikes.

EvoDis® Models

EvoDis® Application Fields